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e-Commerce Highlights: Next generation web platforms for serious business users!

Trade2Europe offers the newest, most flexible e-commerce solutions to help you create an online shopping system designed especially for international sales.

It is flexible, multi-lingual, multi-currency, and best of all, it will be very easy for your business & administrative staff to update and use:
Commerce Server 2002
  • Product Catalog System - Manage millions of products, create multi-lingual and multi-currency catalogs, and make it convenient for users to find the products and services they need
  • Profiling System - Profile and manage your customers and trading partners for site usage authentication and advanced targeting and personalization.
  • Business Analytics Systems - Analyze site effectiveness by running Commerce Server reports, or by creating your own custom reports. Provide intelligent cross-sell capabilities and dynamically recommend products to users as they navigate your site.
  • Targeting System - Personalize the buying experience with one-to-one marketing and targeted merchandising that increases the ordering convenience and relevance of content for your customers
SQL Server 2000
  • The database engine of choice for all our applications
  • Powerful, fast, flexible, with solid performance and reliable transactions
  • Superb track record
  • Fully XML compatible - avoid retyping your product catalogs, prices, & descriptions

Both SQL Server 2000 & Commerce Server 2002 are Microsoft products that are being adopted by leading e-commerce vendors worldwide.

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